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SoC Design Service

CMSC offers a comprehensive SoC design service platform to deliver high quality SoCs to our customers. CMSC has been delivering SoC design services to tape out more than 500 projects on 0.5um to 28nm technology in different foundries since year 2004.

CMSC SoC design service platform consists of five major sub-platforms:

(1) High performance platform
CMSC high performance platform enables the success of high performance SoCs, e.g. CPU/CPU-embedded SoCs, GPU/GPU-embedded SoCs, etc.
(2) Low power platform
CMSC low power platform supports almost all state-of-the-art low power techniques. Mobile computing and IoT SoCs can be realized through this platform. CMSC has a very solid low power design flow to help customer to reduce the power consumption of the chip. More than 60 low-power designs have been successfully taped out.
(3) DFT(Design For Testability) platform
CMSC DFT platform not only provide our customer the fundamentals of DFT, but also the needs for modern SoCs, e.g. cost-driven DFT, power-driven DFT, etc. CMSC can deliver complete DFT services including scan insertion, boundary scan, memory BIST, scan re-ordering, test pattern generation and compression, fault coverage simulation services.
(4) RTL purification platform
CMSC RTL purification platform deliver the RTL exploration to ensure the QoR (Quality of Results) of RTL for further implementations.
(5) SoC integration platform
CMSC SoC integration platform is capable to deliver multiple aspects of requirements of SoCs. This platform is also capable to integrate various SSIP (Standard Silicon IPs) and CSIP (Custom Silicon IPs) with high integrity. CMSC has successfully integrated complicated SoC and produced them in volume for projects since year 2004.

Service Items

  • RTL-to-GDSII
  • Netlist-to-GDSII
  • DFT: Memory BIST, JTAG, DFT, and ATPG
  • Library characterization (e.g. standard cell, IO cell, etc)

Success Story

  Process Application Gate Count Platform
1 40nm TV Box 13M SoC integration / High performance / DFT platform
2 55nm eMMC 1M Low power / DFT platform
3 65nm SSD 7M SoC integration / Low power / DFT platform
4 65nm Camera 12M SoC integration / High performance / Low power / RTL purification / DFT platform
5 0.13um Industry 3M SoC integration / Low power / RTL purification / DFT platform
6 0.13um IoT 1M Low power / DFT platform